Monday, January 18, 2010

Xbox 360 3 Red Lights Fix Video Guide

When it comes to gaming consoles, the Xbox 360 is an excellent choice. The system can play countless exciting games, it's designed well, and it's fast - but there is one problem.

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Each Xbox 360 was built with a critical flaw in its design that results in overheating on the central circuit board due to inefficient heat sinks. This is especially problematic when the system is not ventilated properly by being in a confined space, of under other objects. When the board overheats, the solder that connects the internal wiring becomes loose, and your system will suffer from 'dry joint'.

Dry joints interrupt the connections that are made between electronic parts, and will result in a fault. When the Xbox 360 senses this problem, the front panel will show three red lights.

It's not a rare problem to have, even though the Xbox 360 is a relatively expensive piece of equipment.

If you have this issue, repairing your Xbox can take a lot of money and time. The approved method of repair is to mail the entire system to Microsoft, which can be costly after your warrant has expired. It can also take a long time for Microsoft to fix your Xbox, so you may not be gaming for a while.

Many owners of Xbox 360s have been frustrated because of this, so they've figured out how to solve this issue by themselves.

A potential solution for these issues can be found within the 3 Red Light Fix Guide. This guide describes fourteen easy steps which will guide you towards repairing your Xbox 360.

This 3 Red Light Fix Guide costs only $24.95. The purchase of this guide also entitles you to access the website for the 3 Red Light Fix Guide, as well as a pair of books in PDF format, and three instructional videos.

1. A PDF of the 3 Red Light Fix Guide

2. A PDF of the XClamp Repair Guide

3. A video guide you through taking the XBox apart

4. A video describing XClamp repair

5. A second video about XClamp repair

It's suggested that anyone attempting to repair their own Xbox 360 watch the accompanying videos and read each 3 Red Light Fix books. Don't forget that by attempting thee repairs on your own, you will be voiding your XBox 360 warranty. You'll be reminded of this within these guides.

The core 3 Red Light Fix Guide describes fourteen crucial steps to repair your XBox. You will be guided through taking the system apart, fixing it, and putting it back together again. As you repair the system, you can utilize this guide as your checklist. You'll find additional details within the XClamp Repair Guide. This provides something more akin to a manual, rather than a series of steps. You'll find extra tips, diagrams, and a deeper explanation of the repair process.

The Disassembly Video will show you exactly how to take the system apart. This video doesn't involve any instructional speeches - just pure video to show you how to access the inside of your XBox 360.

One of the XClamp Repair videos will show you how to detach the motherboard's heat sinks, clean them, and attach them again. The other XClamp Repair video shows you how to take all of these steps to repair the heat sink in about 4 minutes. This video also does not incorporate any speech.

Each XClamp video displays text across the screen which will tell you exactly what is being done. This scrolling text is a small problem with a product that is otherwise solid. Both of these videos could probably be aided by a narrator. It's obviously easier to monitor the actions on the screen when you don't also need to read the subtitles.

The 3 Red Light Fix Guide was written well, and definitely not difficult to comprehend. Your effort and time is definitely worth $24.95! Visit today to fix your xbox so you can get back to gaming!